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Who’s the Friendliest Church on Earth?

      At one time or another in your life, I bet you made a commitment to yourself that when the summer ended you were going to get reconnected to a church. Maybe you made the commitment this summer. (Awesome!)       Lots of people do this and that’s why churches all over our city always experience an increase in attendance at their Sunday gatherings in…

A Parenting Pathway

      Recently, we interviewed CrossBridge parents, asking for practical ways they discipled their children in the context of the home – we got some great answers! We also asked what were the most important ways they engage in the body of Christ -the church.  Again, we received solid advice. We learned a couple of really important things…      First, we…

Parenting and Free Will

     No one struggles with the lie of condemnation like parents do. We often carry the weight of all our mistakes and the would’ve, could’ve, should’ves of the past as it relates to how we parented. No one speaks more negatively to me…than me. (Know what I mean?)      But it’s important to remember, while it’s undeniable that we are…

Fighting Worry

     I often wake up in the morning and am confronted by an immediate wave of anxiety related to what I’ve got on my plate or a general sense of  “Not being good enough.”      I can’t run away from these thoughts. Jumping straight to email or checking the news only serves as a temporary distraction, but it won’t defeat these thoughts. Diving straight away into my work…

How God Keeps Score

     What matters to God? What is it that he gets excited about? As a guy who gets up on stage every week to speak to people, it’s tempting for me to get excited when Sunday attendance trends upward. But does that equate to points on God’s scoreboard?…I’m not so sure.      But when teenagers get on stage after spending their summer in Indonesia and…

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