A Parenting Pathway

      Recently, we interviewed CrossBridge parents, asking for practical ways they discipled their children in the context of the home – we got some great answers! We also asked what were the most important ways they engage in the body of Christ -the church.  Again, we received solid advice. We learned a couple of really important things…
     First, we saw significant influence in a child’s spiritual developement when parents are intentional at home and intentional in engaging with the church.  In the same way individuals need community, so does the family.
     Second, we observed the role of the parent in discipling their child must adapt and change as the child grows. Parents we interviewed identified four distinct stages in the pathway of their child’s life as they progress to independence. Each time a child enters a new stage, the parents have to change their approach accordingly. If the parent doesn’t adapt, tensions and conflict increase.
     We took all the advice and put it into a booklet called The Parenting Pathwaywhich you can have for free. You can find it in the Family Resource Center in the lobby along with other helpful stuff for parents.
     I’m serious when I say, “CrossBridge is the place to raise your family.” It’s not that any of us are perfect, but we’re intentional and committed to help one another on the journey. I’m eager to see you Sunday!
On the Adventure with you,

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