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Devotional Prayer

This past Sunday, we went verse by verse in Paul’s prayer to the Church at Ephesus in Ephesians 3:14-19. There is power in praying God’s Word, believing it by faith and declaring it with confidence. It changes us on the inside and fuels a deeper intimacy with God. We come boldly into God’s presence knowing He is eager to talk with us and asking for Him to strengthen our…

What does Prayer have to do with my Marriage?

To have the highest quality of relationships, we must take time to connect with God because we simply do not have the emotional resources to relate well unless our hearts are energized and filled with peace by the Holy Spirit.  Effective prayer flows best from those who are in strong kingdom relationships—sharing deeply with one another, partnering together in…

Sexuality and Gender

The world has a lot to say about sexuality and gender. So does Jesus, but if the church isn’t talking about it, then no one will know. For lots of reasons, these issues are rising to the forefront of discussion in our culture. They also need to rise to the forefront of discussion in the church so we know what God says is true and, just as importantly, why he says it’s…

A General in God’s Army

A General in God’s Army Ying Kai is a missionary to China through whom God has brought salvation to millions—literally. Through simple, reproducible disciple making, Ying has made disciples who make disciples. We’ve just confirmed that Ying is going to be with us this weekend on the CrossBridge campus to speak Saturday afternoon at the World Mandate Conference. I look at…

Take Your Foot Off the Gas a Little

Isn’t it amazing the amount of wisdom Jesus can pack into such a small story? He talks about building a house on the rock and not on the sand…and the next thing you know, the Holy Spirit is convicting us about all the other voices we’re listening to and all the things we’re living for other…

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