Posts from December 2019

Feed the Poor, Save the Babies, Rescue the Girls

Feeding the poor, saving the babies, rescuing girls…First Gift—our end-of-year missions offering—is our coming together to help people in our city and around the world who need it most. Debbie and I always enjoy buying gifts for our family at Christmas time. Years back, though, we decided we…

Money, Money, Money

At this time of year, my mailboxes—both email and physical—are filled with just about as many requests for money as they are with Christmas wishes. (I know yours is the same!) You might be tempted to think of our First Gift offering as just “another request for money,” but it’s different in two big ways… 100% of a First Gift donation goes to the ministry you…

It’s All About Jesus!

I’m sure you’re already feeling the Christmas “squeeze”.  You know, the pressure to out decorate your neighbors, shopping for all the right gifts, way too many parties, and oh yeah family in town or traveling.   So much squeezing us into this false reality of what the true meaning of Christmas is all about.  We want to encourage you to be intentional this month and not…

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