Money, Money, Money

At this time of year, my mailboxes—both email and physical—are filled with just about as many requests for money as they are with Christmas wishes. (I know yours is the same!) You might be tempted to think of our First Gift offering as just “another request for money,” but it’s different in two big ways…

100% of a First Gift donation goes to the ministry you designate. No overhead, no administrative fees. Whether you give to our anti-human trafficking ministry or our unplanned pregnancy outreach, or to build homes in Reynosa, every penny goes to the place you designate.

But there’s a second big distinctive: Every ministry supported by First Gift is led by CrossBridgers. We’re not just writing checks—anyone can do that—we’re actually in the trenches, working and volunteering with every ministry. 

There’s no more effective place we can give generously than through our own church family. Our goal is $287,000-worth of love-in-action!  So let’s blow the doors off this year! Let’s be bold and faithful and get a head start on the amazing things Jesus is going to include us in in 2020! 

To see what ministries are included in First Gift, click here. To give online, click here.

On the adventure with you,


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