About Us

About Us

CrossBridge started in April 2003 in Hardy Oak Elementary School, beginning with a group of 27. Though we've grown quite a bit since then and are comprised of individuals with different talents and interests, we realize that God views his church as one, calling us the body of Christ. Our desire is to come together to fulfill God's mission for our lives by loving him, loving, others and going and making disciples of all nations.

Yes, we have a great children and student ministry. We also have great music and relevant teaching. Whew! We got all the buzz words in!
More importantly, we have a clear vision of what God is doing in the world and we're committed to being part of it. As we do, we see his power working both in us and through us. It's a really cool thing!

Our Staff

  • Learn more about the pastors, leaders, and support staff at CrossBridge.

Mission kids

Our Mission

  • We exist to love God, love others, and go and make disciples of all nations. Find out more!


  • The Bible as our guide, here is a list of our beliefs.


  • Disciple-Making: The role of every follower of Christ.


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About Us


Our mission is to love God, love others and go and make disciples of all nations.

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