Parenting and Free Will

     No one struggles with the lie of condemnation like parents do. We often carry the weight of all our mistakes and the would’ve, could’ve, should’ves of the past as it relates to how we parented. No one speaks more negatively to me…than me. (Know what I mean?)
     But it’s important to remember, while it’s undeniable that we are anointed by God to influence and lead our children (last week’s teaching), we have to remember they have a will and, therefore, they have to make a personal decision to submit their will to the Lordship of Jesus–just like we do.
     Is there a formula that guarantees our kids will love Jesus with all their heart, soul, and strength? Well, consider this…God is a perfect parent and still Adam and Eve chose to distrust him and go their own way. Since then, every person has been born with a sin nature–the innate desire to go our own way. What we’re anointed to do is to reveal the Answer to our children. Our lives are to be evidence that Jesus is really real. We’re like a road sign pointing: This is the Way!
     But remember…while you can model a life of loving Jesus for your children and you can love them like Jesus, you cannot make them choose Jesus. So renounce the lie of condemnation and regret using the truth of Romans 8. Then love Jesus like crazy and trust him in his judgment, love and wisdom–he wants your children to know his love far more than you do.
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