Who’s the Friendliest Church on Earth?

      At one time or another in your life, I bet you made a commitment to yourself that when the summer ended you were going to get reconnected to a church. Maybe you made the commitment this summer. (Awesome!)
      Lots of people do this and that’s why churches all over our city always experience an increase in attendance at their Sunday gatherings in September… but…they often see a drop in attendance in October.
      Know what makes the difference? People stay and stick when they feel like they belong. We all have this built in need to belong (#LastTeachingSeries). Jesus made us like this because he wants us to fill this desire with him and his people. That’s where we come in!
      We need to reach out in genuine love and friendliness to the guests that Jesus is drawing to CrossBridge. He draws them to our fellowship because he trusts us–he knows we have his heart and we love people like he does. (That’s just one of the reasons it’s a blast to be one of your pastors.)
      So let’s keep stepping up and loving people. Invite them to life group…to lunch… remember their names…let them see the love of Jesus through the friendliest church on earth!
On the Adventure with you,

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