Pass The Fruit

       The Holy Spirit is a gardener who loves to weed the garden of our soul so he can plant and grow wonderful fruit. While many people are turning to counterfeits, looking to be more gentle or patient or to be a better person in some way, Jesus tells us that he’s the sole proprietor of those things, meaning that in their truest form, they can only be found in him.

But here’s the deal, the fruit that the Holy Spirit wants to produce in us isn’t just for us. It’s also for other people. In fact, the fruit produced in our lives by the Holy Spirit grows more abundantly as we invest in the lives of others and direct the expression of the fruit outward.

When self control or joy begin to manifest in our lives as we follow Jesus more whole heartedly, part of the purpose is so that others will see how capable Jesus is. The whole purpose for God not swooping his children straight up to heaven right now is so that others can see the love, joy and hope (the fruit) that Jesus grows in the lives of regular ol’ people who find room for him.


Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal someone to whom you could reveal his love or show his joy. It may be a stranger or it may be someone you know well. Step out courageously and ask that person if there’s something you can pray for them about. Look for a way to serve them. Let the fruit of the Spirit bless others.


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