Peace in the House on Fire

        A few days ago I taught on Jesus’ promise of peace, however, it’s important to remember, the peace that Jesus promises comes from our being with him. This is why he impresses upon us the importance of obeying his commands. When we stay in step with him, we experience his peace.

This is a pretty easy assertion to affirm until we confront where Jesus is going and what he’s doing in the world right now. Jesus sees the world like a house on fire and he’s intently focused on rescuing people from it because he knows the house ultimately will be engulfed in flames. (2 Peter 3:3-13) As crazy as it sounds, the peace he offers comes as we join with him wholeheartedly in these rescue efforts. 

Peace will elude us if we try to get Jesus to go with us. We must go with him. Peace will never be found if we try to get Jesus to ignore the burning house and instead accompany us on the road to achieve our personal version of the American Dream. True peace comes as we subordinate all of our goals, all of our longings, all of resources to his purposes for the sake of others knowing him more.

If this seems like a sacrifice, it is. If it seems like it might involve our suffering, he’s actually guaranteed that it will. BUT, he’s also promises that it will be worth it. Immediately upon our entrance into heaven, our perspective and values will be perfectly aligned with his. We will see and agree with him regarding what’s important; we’ll know he was right. In his generous mercy he tells us ahead of time to stay close him–to keep up with him–this is way to significance; this is the way to peace.

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