The Most Important Snipe Hunt

     When I went on my first Boy Scout camp out, I became the victim of the infamous snipe hunt trick which older boys play on the younger. After telling me all about this fascinating and rare animal, the older kids sent me out to fruitlessly search for one. They even told me that if I failed that I would be the first ever to do so. (Talk about pressure!)
     For a lot of people, finding and maintaining a sense of peace is as elusive as a snipe. We may think we’ve found it, but then something in life rocks our boat and our inner peace goes overboard. What makes it worse is that social media and just plain ‘ol media often gives us the impression that everyone else has it all together…everyone, that is, but us.
     What if we could put the most important part of us on a shelf; above the fray of the world, above the waves of that so often rock our boat? Jesus makes the audacious promise to do exactly that: To give us peace differently than the world does. He promises a peace that can’t be rocked overboard when the waves of life hit us. 
     In our Bible study this week, all the verses have to do with this unshakeable peace. This Sunday we’ll talk more about it together. Bring someone with you if you can. For a lot of people peace seems as elusive as a snipe.


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