How God is turning to good what ISIS intended for evil

In the past year, 4 million people have been displaced by ISIS. It’s impossible for us to imagine what we would do or what it might feel like for us and our extended family and friends to leave all our possessions and flee for our lives. Where would you go? What about all your plans for your children? ISIS is confiscating all the property left behind, including homes and bank accounts. How would you live and where?

The demographic most oppressed by this Muslim group are actually other Muslims…and this is where God is turning evil into good. The Muslims of ISIS are chasing these other Muslims right into the arms of Christians who are loving and caring for them.

We get to be part of the ones who are receiving these displaced Muslims. We’re hoping to send two separate teams to minister to Muslims in the refugee camps of Greece this summer. We will be hands on, right in the middle of loving the people hit hardest by ISIS.

We need a total of 15 people for each team. Can you come? One team goes July 6-20 and the other July 20-30. It will be hard and not our most comfortable trip, but someone must go to share with them the love of the One True God and help with their physical needs. Total cost is around $2,800.

Currently each team is short several people and we need more to sign on. For more information, click here.


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