An Abundance of Peace

            Because of their faith, Peter told the early Christ followers that they were like exiles and foreigners (1Peter 1). Foreigners often look different and live differently from the culture in which they’re residing. Foreigners value different things and have different customs. But being a foreigner can be fatiguing and discouraging. Sometimes a foreigner just wishes they could fit in.

            Maybe you feel like a worn out foreigner right now. Your desire is to honor Jesus, but you feel the oppressiveness of a culture which is focused on more money, more comfort, more pleasure, more fame. Sometimes you probably wish you and the ones you love could just go be with Jesus. (Wanting to be with Jesus is a good thing!)
            Peter prays abundant peace on the early Christians, reminding them of four things that are true about them: They’ve been chosen by God and he’s not going to unchoose them. They have been changed and are being changed by the Holy Spirit. This progressive change enables them to obey Christ and honor him. And lastly, Christ has made them right with God once and for all; cleansed by the spiritual sprinkling of his blood over their guilt.
            These words are just as true and relevant for you. Dwell on them and let the Holy Spirit sink them deep into your soul. Give him room and he will overcome your worry, your fear, your fatigue and your sadness with an abundance of peace and grace. Begin by reading 1 Peter 1:1-7


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