My Spouse is Not My Enemy

            This is a line you need to get in your mind and keep repeating. I know sometimes our spouse may seem like our adversary and may even act like our adversary, but they’re not…so don’t treat them like one.

            Our true enemy, described in Eph, 6, is predominately a liar. If he can distract us from his reality, he’ll work to distort our perception of who the real enemy is. The propose of your marriage is to tell the truth about the relationship between Jesus and the church. Satan hates this! That’s why he works to manipulate our insecurities and weaknesses. If he can get us fighting against one another instead of fighting for one another, he’s won a big victory.

            Someone in your marriage has to adopt this perspective, otherwise you’ll defeated and the legacy of your marriage won’t be what it could be. Someone has to step back, quit firing and decide, “I’m not going to fight you anymore.” Someone has to call the cease and regroup so the couple can go after the real enemy. Be that someone. Be the someone in your marriage who starts praying for the other. Be the someone that suggests getting into a life group…going to counseling…signing up for Freedom Prayer. Be the someone who stops the cycle of friendly fire and helps focus your marriage against the real enemy.


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