Does your work matter beyond making a living?

            Americans spend between 30-60 hours a week at work, whether it’s as a student, at home or in the marketplace. That’s upwards of 53% of our awake hours. What’s more is that those are the best 53% of our awake hours–the best 53% of our lives. So the big question is: Does our work matter beyond just making a living?

            If it doesn’t, then we ought to feel like hamsters on a spinning wheel, going no where (my bet is that some of you do.) What a dismal reality it would be if we’re really just spending the best part of our lives just keeping ourselves alive.

            But what if work was part of God’s original plan all along? Think about it…What if Jesus died in order to save you from meaningless labor so that your work could be infused with meaning and purpose–regardless of how much money you make or how “big” your job is.

            This Sunday we start one of the most important series of our year, Work Matters. We’re going to look at four things the Bible says about work and why it matters. (And guess what? It has nothing to do with the church getting your money!)

            Make three commitments with me: First, come to our Sunday gatherings the next four weeks straight. Second, use this series as an opportunity to invite someone else to hear what God says about work. Third, plan on coming to our Work Matters workshop on Sunday evening, Sept. 13 to learn practicals from marketplace professional and stay-at-home parents.


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