Does God only care about evangelism in the workplace?

            Last week my main point was that your work matters to God because people matter to God. This is truth that every Christians needs to embrace. After all, if God’s not work through you during the 53% of your life that you spend working, then there’s not a whole lot left!  But is evangelism all that God cares about or does he value anything in addition? These are big questions that point to a bigger question: How does our faith in Christ intersect our workplace?

            Let’s get in synch with each other this week by reading through Colossians 3:22-24. In this passage Paul is writing to followers of Christ who currently serve as slaves. (While Paul isn’t pro-slavery, his focus in this letter isn’t to end physical slavery but rather spiritual slavery.) Though we aren’t slaves, we can find powerful application about our work in Paul’s words to those who are.

            Here’s a challenge leading up to Sunday: Read the passage and identify the single most important truth in it. (It’s mentioned several times.) Also, don’t forget our panel discussion on finding Jesus at work on Sunday night September 13.


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