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Anxiety and Fear are not our Portion

This past Sunday, while we sang Confident by Steffany Gretzinger as a Church family, I was reminded of this truth: as children of God, anxiety and fear are not our portion. We should be the wildest and most carefree people on the planet, boasting about the power of our God! Christ came to set us free. Free from insomnia and panic attacks, to name a few. I know this is…

Texas Wind Turbines and Jesus

Welcome Guest Contributor, Matt Erbaugh. On a recent trip to the Texas coast, I was amazed at the number of wind turbines I saw as we neared the Gulf.  It made sense to have them there, the land is fairly vacant and most importantly, there is usually a lot of wind in that part of the state!  After all, you probably shouldn’t build a wind turbine in a place unless you’ve…

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