Let It Go, Let It Go—Elsa, from Frozen

Paul’s letter to the Colossians pre-dates the movie Frozen by almost 2,000 years, but if they’d been in the same time context, my bet is Paul might’ve used Elsa’s epic exhortation, encouraging the Colossians to “Let it go!”

God wants us to let go of our past and embrace his future. He wants us to be done with the things that have held us back and held us up so we can fully receive the good things he’s promised for us.

Just a cursory reading of Colossians and makes me go, “Wow! Jesus is
pulling out all the stops when he blesses us!” Why would we want to dabble in the dark side and waltz with the world. Let it go! Let’s embrace Jesus and his ways fully. Let’s get the help we need from each other and from professionals to be free from addictions and fear.

Colossians 3 is all about this. Read it this week and come Sunday so we can dive deeper together.

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