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Understanding Father God’s Heart

At the core of our faith, all of us must wrestle with understanding Father God’s heart. We are derailed by our own earthly father’s poor example, hard circumstances, our own selfishness, or we simply will not humble ourselves to understand. In 1 Thessalonians 2, Paul is writing to the Church, all of God’s people, and conveying his strategy. 1…

Making Jesus Smile

Remember how we talked about Jesus and the Roman centurion who asked Jesus to come heal his servant? Jesus was amazed by the centurion’s faith. In fact, our faith always makes Jesus smile—it makes him proud like a good daddy who’s pleased with his children. This past weekend, CrossBridge made Jesus smile. We had 60 people in Reynosa loving and building homes for two…

Include Me Prayer

In the past four weeks, we have been ramping up preparations for our Spring Outreaches. It has been so exciting to see over 50 people sign up to go on mission with God to Reynosa, Mexico. They will be loving on three families by building each a home, sharing Jesus, and loving on the families next door. Please pray for our team from March 9-12 as they “raise a…

Go for Three!

In the past 14 months, our Sunday gathering has g rown by over 20%.  We’re beginning to face the challenge of how to accommodate all the children we have, while maintaining the same excellent ministry experience we’ve always had.  We’ve got over 200 people being trained for outreaches and life group leading…and are struggling to find space on Sunday.  So…. We…

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