Making Jesus Smile

Remember how we talked about Jesus and the Roman centurion who asked Jesus to come heal his servant? Jesus was amazed by the centurion’s faith. In fact, our faith always makes Jesus smile—it makes him proud like a good daddy who’s pleased with his children. This past weekend, CrossBridge made Jesus smile.

We had 60 people in Reynosa loving and building homes for two families who were in
the most destitute of situations. (Click here to see their previous living conditions.) Not only did these single moms get homes, but they were honored and listened to. They were cared for and respected. They and their children got to both see and hear the good news about Jesus’ great love for them. This makes Jesus smile.

We also sent 90 CrossBridgers to partner with Life Church just south of Highway 90 to
visit homes, praying and talking with over 300 people over the course of the weekend. 31 people decided to follow Jesus. Another 40 people who were previously disconnected, have asked for Life Church folks to return to tell them more about Jesus. Giving up our time, overcoming our fear, reaching out in love to people…all of this makes Jesus smile.

Want to make Jesus smile this week? Keep praying daily for the three people you’re
hoping to invite for Easter. Ask Jesus to include you in something he’s doing this week and get ready to encourage someone or to pray for them when Jesus makes it clear you’re to do so. Let’s keep him smiling all week!

On the adventure with you,


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