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My Kind of Church

In a week or so, I’ll be presenting our Annual Report. It summarizes everything Jesus did in us and through us as a church–you’re going to be impressed! Jesus was generous to us, including us in over 300 people responding to the gospel in 2018….over 800 children sponsored through our Escuela Viva school program in Reynosa…but I’m…

Is God With You?

If you’ve put your trust in Jesus, then he is God With You. Whatever season of life you’re in—the valley…the wilderness…the storm—he is with you. The best our spiritual enemy can do is try to deceive us, making us think God has turned his back on us. But we’re not going to fall for that! Instead, we’re going to walk in the authority  God has given us. We’re…

Merry Christmas not Creepy Christmas

People that are already part of a church almost always underestimate how much guests measure a church by how welcome they feel. We might think that guests want more space so they can “evaluate” their church experience. But it’s not true. Over and over surveys show people want to belong. If they wanted to be alone, they’d have stayed home. At Christmas this is even more…

Keep Giving Christmas Away

Every December in America, people feel the need to go to church. Sometimes any church will do. There could be a million reasons for this, but it’s especially true in our culture. December is a unique window of opportunity for us to share the love of Jesus, and he told us to make the most of every opportunity. (Colossians 4:5) The best first step is to commit to pray for…

Giving Christmas Away

Our enemy is at work…even at Christmastime.  If he can’t keep us from celebrating the coming of Jesus, he’ll settle for our keeping it all to ourselves. But Jesus wants us to give Christmas away. The vast majority of people in our community are celebrating Christmas in one form or another. The apostle Paul told us to make the most of every opportunity—Christmas is…

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