Is God With You?

If you’ve put your trust in Jesus, then he is God With You. Whatever season of life you’re in—the valley…the wilderness…the storm—he is with you. The best our spiritual enemy can do is try to deceive us, making us think God has turned his back on us. But we’re not going to fall for that!

Instead, we’re going to walk in the authority  God has given us. We’re going to memorize the verses in Romans 8:35,37-39 and we’re going to use it as the sword of the Spirit to destroy the lies of the enemy. (Can I get an amen?!) The truth of God always destroys the lies of the enemy—but we must walk in Jesus’ authority. The moment the lie of the enemy enters your mind, declare the truth of Romans boldly and in faith. This is how you become what the Bible calls, “more than a conqueror”!

Everyone in the world needs to know this truth. Have you invited someone to our weekend services yet or to our Christmas Eve services? Let’s each find one person and share this gift of love with them.

On the adventure with you,


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