Keep Giving Christmas Away

Every December in America, people feel the need to go to church. Sometimes any church will do. There could be a million reasons for this, but it’s especially true in our culture. December is a unique window of opportunity for us to share the love of Jesus, and he told us to make the most of every opportunity. (Colossians 4:5)

The best first step is to commit to pray for 2-3 people every day throughout the month. Bring them before Jesus in prayer, asking for him to open their eyes to how much he loves them and asking how you can show that love genuinely. Keep praying and caring for them and see if Jesus opens up an opportunity for you to invite them to church or pray for them.

Also, now’s the time to begin asking Jesus how he would have you contribute to our special First Gift offering. Debbie and I have made the commitment to give the same amount to First Gift that we spend on Christmas gifts for family and loved ones. It takes faith and stretches us, but it’s always a good place to be. Plus, looking back on 2018, we love knowing that we have a share in every Reynosa house our teams built.

Check out the list of ministries on the First Gift list and ask Jesus to draw your heart to a particular ministry…then ask him how much you’re to give. Whether your donation is large or small isn’t the issue—simply pray and obey and watch God bless! Here’s a link to the First Gift list.


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