Two Teams Heading Out

     This weekend, we’re sending out 100 people in two teams to bring the love of Jesus to people. One team heads to Reynosa to build two homes and be servants of the people living in a colonia on the banks of the Rio Grande, just inside the Mexican border. Another team, called Kindle, heads to a Southside trailer park to host a sports camp and a Back Yard Bible Club. They’ll minister to kids but also pray and share with parents. Our hope in both of these contexts is to see people encounter the real love of Jesus.

     I want you to pick one of these two teams (Reynosa or Kindle) and to pray the blessing of the Lord over them everyday through Tuesday night next week. Even though aspects of prayer are a mystery, one thing is undeniably certain: When God’s people pray, God moves. It’s his joy to respond to us. No, he doesn’t always act according to what we think is best, but we can trust that his response is ultimately the best and most life giving.
     Pray for the joy of the Lord to be the strength of our team members. Pray for the love of Jesus to shine brightly. Pray for boldness and for each team to share the good news boldly. Pray for the eyes and minds of people to be open to how much they are loved by Jesus. Pray against the enemy who wants to magnify the hurts of the past to keep people from trusting that Jesus is real and good.
     When our teams return, you’re likely to hear stories of God’s power either on Sunday, in your LifeGroup or in this newsletter. I want you to be able to share in the joy and know that you were part of the team. Join me in praying.
On the adventure with you,

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