The Cool Thing about Acts

     The cool thing about the book of Acts is that God’s heart is still burning for the nations with the same intensity as it was in the first century. With the coming of the Holy Spirit, the kingdom of God began its unstoppable advance with simple but powerful formula: The Holy Spirit comes, the Gospel is shared, people are saved from the judgement of God against their sin.

     Since then, the kingdom has advanced in the lives of millions and millions of people who have put their hope in Jesus, received the Holy Spirit and are now follow his leadership.
     We’re the latest generation in a long line of faithful Christians who have found that living in relationship with Jesus is better than any other way of living. And just like the Holy Spirit worked through the obedient hearts of the disciples, he’s now working in and through us.
     As we walk through the book of Acts, make it a part of your daily routine (like put it in your iphone reminders) to ask Jesus who he wants you to love for his sake. Keep asking and listening and responding obediently and you’ll see him include you in things just as amazing as in the book of Acts.

On the adventure with you,


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