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Follow up on Suicide Teaching

CrossBridge Family,      This past Sunday we focused on suicide, how God views it and the consequences for a believer. If you missed the message, I think you need to watch/listen to it. (Click here.)      Hopelessness and loneliness almost always precede suicide. Our culture is ripe with this because we so value individualism and independence. People can be inundated with…

Easter is Just the Beginning!

Easter really is just the beginning. It was the beginning of the end of sin, the beginning of new life and new power for us in the Holy Spirit. It’s also like the kick off for the church each year. We did a super job of loving and inviting our friends and neighbors to come experience the joy of Jesus and his people on Easter, but it’s just the beginning.…

Time to Suit Up, Family!

We’re in the countdown to Easter and I’m excited! God wants to include us in how powerful heart-level work. Keep praying and don’t forget our weekend schedule: 40-Hour Prayer Room: Come intercede for those who don’t know Jesus’ love. The prayer room will be in Building A from 4:00p.m. Friday, all through Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 a.m. We…

A Chance to be a Family for Real

    During our Experiencing God series, we’ve talked a lot about praying the Include Me prayer. Much of the time, though, I’ve been speaking about it singular perspective–how Jesus wants to include you personally. But God has something even bigger going on. He wants to include us all in something as a family.     This Easter, Jesus wants us to band…

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