A Chance to be a Family for Real

    During our Experiencing God series, we’ve talked a lot about praying the Include Me prayer. Much of the time, though, I’ve been speaking about it singular perspective–how Jesus wants to include you personally. But God has something even bigger going on. He wants to include us all in something as a family.

    This Easter, Jesus wants us to band together and all pray the Include Me prayer for ourselves and for each other. He wants us to invite people to hear the gospel on Easter Sunday, and he wants us to welcome each other’s guests. I’ll welcome yours, you welcome mine. Together we’ll show our friends and neighbors how loving Jesus is.
     Keep handing out Easter egg invitations…don’t let one go to waste. Keep praying the Include Me prayer. Resolve to give Easter away with the rest of CrossBridge.
     Here are some other key points for us to remember as a family….
  • Come early on Easter Sunday: we’re the hosts!
  • Park as far away as your able: give our guests the best spots.
  • Come to the 8:00 a.m. service if possible
  • Wear a name tag. It makes us more approachable.
  • Be willing to go to the overflow seating if necessary. Give our guests the best seats.
  • Love everyone you see. Let’s keep being the Friendliest Church on Earth!
On the adventure with you,
Kirk Freeman

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