The Old Couch

   Once when Debbie and I ordered a new couch, we realized, almost on the day of its delivery, that we needed to move our old couch to make room for the new one. Every time God calls us to obey, he’s leading us to place of greater blessing. Yes, it may seem like sacrifice in the moment, but really, it’s like getting rid of the old couch to receive a new one.

    Don’t mistake this analogy for my suggesting that God’s blessing is limited to material possessions–he’s far more generous than that! God wants you to have a deeper relationship with the One Who Blesses, not merely to receive his blessings.
    As we obey the commands of the Lord, he draws us close to him. He fills us with confidence. He heals our hurts. He gives us purpose and power. He’s so generous! This week we’ll spend time together exploring the importance of obedience and it’s role in how we experience God.
On the adventure with you,
Kirk Freeman

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