Jesus and James Bond

     In almost every action movie ever filmed is a scene where the good guys rescue other good guys from the bad guys (sound familiar?). The good guys fight their way in and then, finding their comrades, they untie them and yell, “Come on, let’s get out of here!”
     This is what Jesus is doing when he call us to deny ourselves in Luke 9:23. After his Spirit bursts in to set our spirit free, he gives us power to resist being imprisoned again by the disease of sin. The key to walking in freedom, Jesus says, is to deny the natural leanings of our sin-infected flesh and soul (mind, will, emotions). The Holy Spirit is there giving our spirit eyes to see the traps of sin and gives our soul strength to resist. Jesus’ call to deny ourselves is a call to be free and stay free. If we don’t, our mind, will, and emotions can be enslaved again. (Galatians 5:1)
     At the end most action movies, the now-free-prisoners take the hand of their rescuer and fight their way out of bad guys’ lair…right before it blows up. Then together, the good guys stand at a distance watching and celebrating the fiery end of the bad guys.
     We’re living in the part where, now, having been rescued by Jesus, we’re holding the Holy Spirit’s hand as he leads our soul to freedom. Don’t look back; resist living for the 5 P’s. Keep following Jesus…keep holding the Spirit’s hand. The celebration is coming.
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On the adventure with you,
Kirk Freeman

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