God Really Answers the “Include Me” Prayer!

As people center their lives in what Father God is doing in the world, he loves to include them. I don’t have time to share all the stories people are sending me. Here are a few cool ones…

“I prayed the include me prayer the night before and the next day at school I saw a girl sitting by herself. She went to the bathroom and I was gonna wait for her to come back and she didn’t so I found her. I saw her in the bathroom looking distant and distraught. I came to her and simply asked if she needed a hug and she hugged me so tight and just wept. She did not want to talk, just said there was so much going on at home with her family. I asked if I could pray for her and she said yes. The Lord gave me supernatural spirit filled words in that moment [1 Cor. 2:13] and I got to pray for her and that she would feel loved by God and got to share how faithful the Lord has been in my life. She still had a lot going on in her family and it was in the middle of a school bathroom, but the peace of God was so tangible and real in that moment. I walked her to class and she said how much she needed that prayer because she felt hopeless. God is so faithful and will always answer our prayers.”

“A friend of mine was walking in the hallway when a girl yelled terrible names at her. My other friend and I caught up to her in the bathroom. She had tears in her eyes and I knew she was very upset. I asked her if I could pray for her. The other friend I brought with me didn’t believe in Jesus, but the friend who was upset did. She said yes, and we all held hands and I prayed over her. I could see the Holy Spirit move in both of them, and I hope to continue to minister to both of them.”

“Recently, I was talking to a friend of mine from school. He suddenly brought up being a Christian. He told me that he was thinking about becoming a Christian, which surprised me, because he’s Buddhist. I asked if he wanted to go to global impact with me, but his parents said no. I am still trying to see how God wants me to work with him to bring him into the the Love of the Lord. I am amazed that God gave me, of all people, this opportunity to share his love!”

The God stories are just a few examples of how generous Father God is when we put him in the middle of our lives. All three of these students still have to do their homework, practice their sports or instruments, and do their chores at home…BUT…God is taking these normal contexts and including these students in powerful ways. Let’s all put God at the center and see what he does.

Want to begin experiencing God more in your life? Then begin praying the “Include Me” Prayer…God loves to answer it!

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