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God Really Answers the “Include Me” Prayer!

As people center their lives in what Father God is doing in the world, he loves to include them. I don’t have time to share all the stories people are sending me. Here are a few cool ones… “I prayed the include me prayer the night before and the next day at school I saw a girl…

Jesus and James Bond

     In almost every action movie ever filmed is a scene where the good guys rescue other good guys from the bad guys (sound familiar?). The good guys fight their way in and then, finding their comrades, they untie them and yell, “Come on, let’s get out of here!”      This is what Jesus is doing when he call us to deny ourselves in Luke 9:23. After his…

A Prayer for Experiencing God

     Lord, I want to know you more, to walk more closely with you, to hear your heart and know your ways. To discern what you’re doing and run to join you, letting every other priority be subject to your purposes for my being on earth.      In every venue, every context, with every person, I’m available. Include me! At work, at practice, at school, on the bus,…

Secret Inheritance

    Tell me the truth now…Wouldn’t it be nice if one day you got an email that said a long lost relative who had passed away had named you as their only heir, and you inherited millions of dollars? (If that happens, by the way….let me know.) A secret inheritance – one completely unexpected – that would be wonderful, wouldn’t it?     God…

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