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Experiencing God?

    When you make an effort to draw closer to Jesus, he loves it! He rejoices that we’re taking him at his word and saying ‘yes’ to his invitation to know him more. It’s a costly invitation for which he gave his life. His heart leaps with joy at the prospect of us experiencing him–it’s part of redeeming his original creation.      But…

Do You Experience God?

Do you experience the presence of God in your life? Do you feel his nearness in the Holy Spirit? Do you sense his voice when you’re still and needing wisdom and direction? Do you know his comfort, his leading, his influence in your circumstances? Do you see evidence of his power in your ability to speak, think, and act differently? Do these statements sound foreign…

Have To’s and Get To’s

     Isn’t it crazy how hard it is to actually follow through with some of the decisions or commitments that are most important to us? We want to exercise and be in better health, but still it is so stinkin’ hard to make ourselves exercise or skip dessert. We may hate ourselves after we eat the chocolate cake and resolve to do better…but still the inner…

Absolute Surrender

     Father, you are God. All your decisions are right. How you deal with me, giving or withholding, is wise and generous. What you decide to make of my life is completely at your discretion. You are the Potter and I am the clay.      Forgive my shortcomings and failings, my pride and lust, my selfishness and wandering, my divided heart and inconsistency, my fear and…

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