Absolute Surrender

     Father, you are God. All your decisions are right. How you deal with me, giving or withholding, is wise and generous. What you decide to make of my life is completely at your discretion. You are the Potter and I am the clay.
     Forgive my shortcomings and failings, my pride and lust, my selfishness and wandering, my divided heart and inconsistency, my fear and distrust, my disobedience and rebellion, my impatience and lack of gentleness. Purify me! Lord, I cannot do it myself. I am complacent and easily satisfied with myself, so often settling for so little. Halfhearted in devotion, divided in loyalty.
     But you, Father, you are the Potter. You can make me something different than I am. You have made me something different than I was. Continue your work, please! Your faithfulness is my only hope. Continue the good work that you started in me. Bring it to completion like you promised. Increase my desperation for you that other things may lose their appeal. I give up all rights, all self-sovereignty. Every right to choose, every freedom that is available. I yield to you. I desire absolute surrender: surrendered to what you desire to do in me and surrendered to what you desire to do through me. This is what I want…more truthfully, this is what I want to want.
     Absolute surrender is what my soul needs.
     Absolute surrender is what you expect of me.
     Absolute surrender is what you, alone, can accomplish in me.
     Absolute surrender is the means of your greatest blessing to me.
     Absolute surrender! I believe you can do it! I believe you will do it!
I commit all of myself to him who is able to do exceedingly more than all we could ask or imagine according to his powerful Spirit that is within us. To him be glory in me, in the church and in Christ Jesus forever and ever. Ephesians 3:20-21
On the adventure with you,
Kirk Freeman

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