Posts from December 2016

Two Things to Pray for Right Now

First, for the next week, let’s put a morning and an afternoon reminder on our phones to remind us to intercede for the the sake of the gospel. We have two teams heading out of the country. One is in Reynosa now and another heads to Costa Rica on Dec. 31. (Plus, one of our CrossBridgers has joined a team from another church heading to Thessaloniki.) Two times a day…

You Are Loved

     When my three daughters were small, every morning when I awakened, I would walk into our family room and call to them upstairs saying, “Good morning sweet girls! I love you!”  (Two of my girls are in college now, but the one at home still gets this.)      During the day, regardless of where my girls are or whether I’ve talked to them recently or…

Making the Most of Christmas

Christmas is a time when people are more open to spiritual things. It’s the time of year when followers of Jesus often cocoon the most. So, our friends and neighbors can wind up hearing and seeing the love of Jesus and we can wind up missing out on being included in cool Jesus stuff.      Don’t get me wrong, I love my family time and can’t wait until my…

Construction Starts Today

The crew started demolition work on our patio today as they start construction on the expanded lobby and upstairs classroom. I offered to jump in and help, but Ricky and Patrick (see photo) only let me hold a hammer for the picture and they wouldn’t let me go near the power chisel (it was really cool looking!) This lobby is going to provide more room for us on…

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