You Are Loved

     When my three daughters were small, every morning when I awakened, I would walk into our family room and call to them upstairs saying, “Good morning sweet girls! I love you!”  (Two of my girls are in college now, but the one at home still gets this.)
     During the day, regardless of where my girls are or whether I’ve talked to them recently or not. I often text them, “Hey girlfriend, I love you lots!” (Sometimes I use mushy daddy-talk even though the girls are almost grown!) I don’t need a response–though I love when they respond–I just want them to know they’re loved. I don’t do this as part of some grand strategy; it’s simply what I desire to do. It makes me happy to remind that they’re deeply loved. I just love to make them feel loved.
     Surely Father God feels this way towards us even more intensely and purely. If I, as a flawed and inconsistent man, have the desire welling up in me to remind my girls how much they’re loved, then how much more must the Perfect Father feel this way? If I look beyond my daughters’ imperfections, forgetting their past offenses, how much more must Father God do this? He’s not feeling angry thoughts about you and he’s not disappointed in you.
     I promise you, the first thing he wants you to know every day and through out the day is how much he loves you. Want proof? Read Jeremiah 31:3 and Romans 8:38-39 and 1 John 3:1.
     Don’t forget the First Gift List. I want you to have a share in what Jesus does through CrossBridge this coming year. Simply pray and obey and give your offering before year end, if possible.
On the adventure with you,

Kirk Freeman

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