Friendliest Church on Earth

     One of the best parts of coming home, for me, is knowing that the people who love me are going to stop what they’re doing and welcome me. It’s something our family has always done. I’m not saying we’re perfect at it, but we’re pretty consistent and it feels really good.

     This is what everyone visiting CrossBridge on Sundays needs to experience. They need to feel that they’re loved and we’re going to make welcoming them our priority. Over the past couple of weeks we had about 150 new guests join us and guess what?…more are coming! How cool of Jesus to think us worthy of welcoming these people into his family.

     I want these guests to experience CrossBridge as the Friendliest Church on Earth! (Uh oh, I smell a t-shirt idea brewing!) Not every guest will choose CrossBridge to be their church–that’s okay–but it may their experience with us that renews their hope that God actually does have a place for them.

     Would you make a commitment with me to be the FCOE. (See, I’m already using an acronym for Friendliest Church on Earth…it must be a good idea!) Here are some simple ways:

  • See if you can say hello to at least 5 people on Sunday–it’s easy!
  • Remember as many names as you can…even if you have to use Notepad on your phone.
  • Invite someone to your life group–don’t worry about their age or family dynamic–just invite!
  • Ask them to go to lunch with you. (Buy them lunch, bring me the receipt and I’ll reimburse you up to ten bucks through September.)
  • Get their number and text them later telling them it was nice to meet them–(single guys, don’t ask them on a date.)


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