Show Hole

       A popular commercial depicts a pitiful woman on the couch as the credits scroll on the last episode of her favorite TV show. With nothing else to watch, she is entered into a horrible state which the announcer dramatically describes as: Show Hole. 

This commercial reveals something that’s undeniably true about every person: We have an insatiable appetite for being captivated. We were designed with the need for our mind and emotions to be engaged. We love exploring, discovering, being amazed and being entertained. We desire new things, new experiences–it’s simply how we were made.

The reality, though, is that no earthly creation has the capacity to satisfy us. No matter how interesting, beautiful, or amazing something or someone first appears to us, eventually, it becomes familiar. And when it does, we look for something new or some way to make what has become familiar, new once more. It’s just how we were made.

Why are we like this? Because we were made to know God. We were designed to be compatible with him–we’re the perfect match, in a sense. We have a never-ending longing to be amazed and he has the never-ending capacity to amaze us. 

In Isaiah 6 (and Revelation 5) the angelic seraphim, before the throne of God and sing, Holy Holy, Holy! (or Wow, Wow, Wow!). They don’t do this because they have to, they do this because they want to.  God’s character is unfathomably deep, beyond tracing out, never boring, never old. His thoughts always intrigue. His power always amazes. His beauty always fascinates. 


We have trouble grasping this because there’s no earthly frame of reference for understanding the nature of God. None, that is, but Jesus. Jesus is the never-ending revelation of the never-ending God. As we press in to know Jesus more, we find what we’ve always been looking for. He satisfies the longings of our heart. He reveals who were are, to whom we belong, and why we exist. He’s always new.


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