The Forgetful Yet Meticulous Record Keeper

As far as the east is from the west, that’s how far God says he separates his children’s sins from them. That’s pretty far, but that’s not the half of it…He also tells us that he actually forgets the sins of his children. God doesn’t just put away our sins, he actually forgets where he put them! These are his words not mine!–And what wonderful words they are for all who believe that Jesus has made up for their sin and who have received him as Lord!

But the deal gets even sweeter. While Father God forgets the sins of his children, he meticulously records every good work they do out of love for him! Even the goods things his children do when no one else is watching–the things done in secret–he sees everyone of them and promises to reward them all, no matter how small.

He is both forgetful and meticulous in all the best ways for us! Since this is how God has chosen to operate, how about we live like he means it? Let’s not travel to the east or west to retrieve those things God has set aside. Let’s not recall those things God, himself, has chosen to forget. He’s actually not glorified when his children carry guilt or shame for past or present sins. He’s glorified when we take him at his word and live in the freedom of his enormous grace. 

Let’s live like everything counts. Let’s persevere in patience and be faithful in serving. Let’s be generous in forgiving and generous in giving. Let’s resist sin, pursue holiness, and reach out in love to everyone, knowing that Father God sees it all and will reward it all!


Get to know these promises better by watching last week’s message here and studying these verses Matthew 6:4,6,18; Matthew 10:42; Isaiah 43:25; Psalm 103:12; 1 Cor. 3:10-15.


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