Will You Trust Me

Will You Trust Me

Will you trust me? This is what Jesus asks every time he talks about money (which is a lot). He’s asking us to jump off of the perch of our own sense of control, fly into the air, trusting that he’ll catch us in his eternal arms. And guess what? He will! 

The Jesus that loved you enough to leave the confines of heaven and become a man so he could save you from sin, is the same Jesus who says, “Jump! Trust me with everything you’ve got, including your money. I have your best interests in mind!”

The Jesus who died on the cross to redeem the world from the tyranny of Satan, is the same Jesus who says, “My ways are the best ways! Don’t lean on your own understanding; trust my commands I’ll be will you every step of the way.”

The Jesus who will return at the sound of the seventh trumpet to crush His enemies and reign on the earth, is the same Jesus who says, “I’m going to win this thing–count on it! You’re on the winning side. I’m to to reward your generosity!”

Let’s not “sort of” follow him with half-hearted devotion with our finances; let’s fling ourselves with abandon into his arms–his strong, unfailing arms!



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