Parent Panel Tonight

            Do you remember how Jesus said others were going to be able to tell that we were genuinely his followers? By how we love one another. Sure, loving the world and serving people is important, but in John 13:35, Jesus said that how we love the other followers of his is how everyone will know we are his followers.

            This means that how Debbie and I love one another in our marriage is super important. How we love our kids is, too. So is how we care for other believers outside our family.

            This is why we’re having a Parent Panel tonight at 6:30 p.m. and a Marriage Conference on August 7-8. The better we love one another, the more obviously the world will attribute our love to Jesus.

            Love that reveals Jesus is a love that goes beyond providing for our families physically or giving our kids opportunities to develop their talents. In fact sometimes these pursuits can actually get in the way. To bring God glory, we’ve got to align our definition of love with the Lord’s. We’ve got to set our hearts on his priorities. In our competitive and worldly culture, it’s hard to stay on track, but God is for us and CrossBridge is a community of grace–together, day by day, we’ll learn to love one another better and others will know that we follow Jesus.


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