How to Keep the Momentum of the Holy Spirit Going

So many good things have been going on as we discussed the work of the Holy Spirit during April-May. The Q&A’s were powerful as were the discussions in life groups, but how do we keep the momentum going? Here are five important ways:

1.     Ask God to make you more desperate for the Holy Spirit. Jesus promised that when we hunger and thirst for the right things, we would be filled. We need to be honest with ourselves: What are we thirsting for? What fills us up currently? Reject those things and ask God to fill you with the Holy Spirit no matter what it requires. Watch this video of my personal testimony.  

2.     Consistently engage God through his Word and the Holy Spirit. Want to see the Bible come alive and to actually experience God leading you? Click here to read a description of how I meet with Father God. 

3.     Be ruthless with known sin. When we continue in things that we know aren’t God’s best for us, it’s like putting a wall up between us and him. He’s still our Father God and we’re still his child, but the sin keeps us from experiencing him fully. I daily sweep my spiritual house clean, confessing and repenting of ways I’ve spoken or acted or thought independent of the Holy Spirit’s authority.

4.     Pursue freedom from past hurts and strongholds. A stronghold is anything that has a hold on you stronger than the hold of the Holy Spirit. Fear, anger, lust, bitterness, busyness, ambition and unforgiveness are just a few. God has real power for breaking these and gives biblical direction for how he does it. Read more here.

5.     Don’t walk alone. Seldom do we see much personal spiritual growth when we ignore God’s commands to invest in a small group of people. Try this short exercise to see how aligned your pattern of life is with God’s will.


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