Mario Brothers Where Are You?

     You know how almost every video game has some sort of bonus power or way to get more “life”? You run over something or pick some heart object up, hear a little chiming noise and there you have it…more power. How sweet life would be if we could run over to HEB and pick up a little more power or maybe drive our car over a glowing manhole cover and ding!…more power. (Crowdfunding here I come!)

    I know that you know that I’m going to relate this to Jesus, right? Here it comes…Ephesians 3:20-21 tells us that God can do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine. (I’m sorry, did you get that?) He has the power to do more than my incredibly creative mind can even imagine. But here’s an even wilder assertion…this power he has to do these unimaginably awesome…he has placed in us–inside anyone who follows him. This power isn’t an impersonal fuel, it’s a relational power that comes through a supernatural transaction as the Holy Spirit enters into all who call on the name of the Lord.

     You probably made several different kind of resolutions when the new year rolled around. How about adopting this one: Resolve to appropriate the spiritual power God has placed in you. See if God is serious about this claim or if he’s a fraud. Don’t walk a halfway faith. Don’t sort of follow him. Give him a real shot, full out, wholeheartedly abandoned to him, and see if you experience his power in your life. Start by joining me for the next 10-weeks as walk through Colossians. Learn how to have a living conversation with God and actually sense his presence.

      Don’t just lose weight this year or read a book a month, go after the power for living that God has for you in Christ. No glowing manhole needed.


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