Your Life Matters to God

     Sometimes we believe something at one level but believe something contrary at a deeper level. In every case, the deeper belief wins out. For example, sometimes we believe at one level that “God loves me,” but at a deeper level we struggle with thoughts of “I’m not good enough.” Know what I mean? We have an amazing capacity for accommodating contradictory beliefs. The problem is that these contradictions rob us of the joy and peace Jesus died and rose to give us. They also rob God of glory because they inhibit us from shining as brightly for Jesus in the world.

     This next year my teaching theme is “Your Life Matters to God.” We’re going to begin by walking through one of the most practical and powerful books of the Bible: Colossians. You’ll be surprised at how it seems like it was written directly to you. After Colossians, we’ll look at what the Bible has to say about major areas of our lives like family, marriage, work, money, spiritual gifts, time and more. Our goal will be to synch our lives with Jesus so that we not only live the abundant life he promised, but beyond that, we’ll become better equipped to lead, love and serve others for the cause of Christ. This is what being a disciple-maker is all about.

Here’s a New Year plan of action:

1.       Start the year strong by committing to come on Sundays as I teach through Colossians.

2.       Go to our Discover Class, a Bible study to learn about what the Bible says about the church.

3.       Attend the Enjoy! interactive class to grow in your experience of Jesus. You’ll love it, I promise.

4.       Commit to a life group and make it a priority.

5.       Spend time in the Word daily through our Bible study so you can be a blessing to those in your life group.

6.       Deal with the wounds and lies of your past. Read about our Freedom Prayer Ministry and sign up here.



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