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The Return of the King

     On Sunday we’ll begin our short series on Matthew 24. In it, Jesus answers his disciples’ questions, “When are you coming back? What are the signs of the end of the age?” In a simple, linear fashion, Jesus gives us a heads up as to events that will transpire leading up to his return. While it’s not for us to know the times or dates (1…

See the Father’s Heart This Sunday

        More than any church I’ve been part of, CrossBridge seeks to care for the orphaned or impoverished child. Together we sponsor over 600 children through Escuela Viva, Compassion and ANLM–over 600. Our adoption/foster care group has grown from just a couple of families to 34. This Sunday, you’re going to see evidence…

Why Teach on the Father Heart of God?

We were all made to know the love of a father. If the New Testament is our witness, then the image of a father is God’s favorite way of relating to us. Who he is, and what he has for us is chiefly understood and experienced in the father/child relationship. This is why I chose to start the fall off by teaching on the Father Heart of God. Certainly I could have…

Money, Money, Money

            One of the things we all struggle with is money. It isn’t because we’re all greedy misers, it’s because money is super important and, often, there doesn’t seem to be enough. Money is almost always one of the factors when a couple is having marriage problems. The fear of providing…

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