Money, Money, Money

            One of the things we all struggle with is money. It isn’t because we’re all greedy misers, it’s because money is super important and, often, there doesn’t seem to be enough. Money is almost always one of the factors when a couple is having marriage problems. The fear of providing for the future of our families in this unpredictable economy (where even countries go bankrupt) looks over many.

            God’s not oblivious to this and, like the Good Father that he is, he gives us instructions for how to navigate the the financial challenges we face. But, like any financial advisor, God’s plan only works if we follow it. The good news is that if we do, not only will our financial stress diminish greatly, so with the quality of our relationships–with him and with others.

            This week we start the Money Matters series. It’ll be super practical and a great one to bring a friend to, so share the love and bring someone with you. See you Sunday!


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