Start Winning the Battle

Way back I remember feeling like I just couldn’t seem to beat the anger in my life. To make a long story short, the Lord revealed my anger was rooted in a thought that kept running around in my head, telling me I wasn’t good enough. 

I remember the time I took the thought captive, bringing it straight to the Word of God. I compared it to Zephaniah 3:17 where God says he delights in me….I compared the lie to the truth of 1 John 3:1 that told me I was a dearly loved child of God’s. That’s when I realized: The thought was actually a lie.

From then on, I began to intentionally take every thought captive and compare it to the Word of God. If the thought turned out to be a lie, I would strike it down with the truth by declaring the Word of God (often out loud and in own words.) Sometimes I would forget to do this and I’d discover a few days later I’d been inadvertently giving a false thought the freedom to run around in my mind. As soon as I realized this, I’d take the thought straight to Jesus to see what his Word said was actually true. Often when I struggle with thoughts/lies, I’ll share the struggle with others in my life group or Discipleship group and they help remind me of what’s true by praying the freedom of Jesus over me.

What’s the bottom line to all of this? We don’t have to keep losing, we can start winning the battles by knowing and declaring the truth of God’s Word and walking in community with God’s people. 

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