New Teaching Series: Surrounded

There’s not a person I know who doesn’t struggle with negative thoughts—I know I do. We struggle with feeling not good enough…we struggle with regret and guilt about the past…we struggle with fear and worry about the future. Sometimes we feel completely surrounded.

The Bible tells us the root of these negative thoughts is actually a spiritual enemy who seeks to steal our joy, kill our hope, and destroy our intimacy with Jesus. These negative thoughts are really lies he leverages for his purposes. But God tells us we can wield his Word like a sword, cutting through the lies and winning the day. 

The truth is we have everything we need, but we often don’t fight the battle with the right weapons. In this new series we’ll come to grips with the reality of this spiritual battle and learn how to fight it. I’ll hope you’ll be with me every Sunday, but more than that, I hope you’ll ask the Lord who you might invite. Someone you know needs this truth.

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