Posts from June 2019

Hide the Word in Your Heart

 One of the challenges I want you to join me in this summer is memorizing scripture. As we walk through Colossians, I want you to pick one verse from each week’s reading plan and commit it to memory. Filling your mind with scripture is like saving money for a rainy day: When it’s needed, it’s right there. As you find 10 verses to memorize over the course of the summer,…

True Not True

Even in the earliest days of the Church after the Holy Spirit came to live within those who trust Jesus, the Church had to guard against false teachings put forward by passionate, convincing heretics. These false teachers were called Gnostics (pronounced “nah-stick”) and taught that to be truly enlightened a person needed a special, higher knowledge that could only be…

What You Really Need

Good communication is at the root of every intimate relationship we have. This is also true for our relationship with Jesus. Our soul desperately needs to hear his spiritual voice. In fact, we can’t follow Jesus or really know him without this. When we (and our kids) begin to experience Jesus speaking through the Holy Spirit and the Word, our relationship with him comes…

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