True Not True

Even in the earliest days of the Church after the Holy Spirit came to live within those who trust Jesus, the Church had to guard against false teachings put forward by passionate, convincing heretics.

These false teachers were called Gnostics (pronounced “nah-stick”) and taught that to be truly enlightened a person needed a special, higher knowledge that could only be attained by great learning. In reality, all we need to know is Jesus and him crucified for the atonement of our sins. We don’t need to know “about” Jesus…we need to know the actual Jesus.

The same relationship principles that are fundamental to our human relationships are essential to our spiritual relationship with Jesus. We can know him and he wants us to!

As we kick off our summer series through Colossians, ask the Holy Spirit to make Jesus real to you. Listen for his voice so you can follow him—our lives are going to change for the better! If you haven’t yet downloaded our app, make sure you do to access the summer reading plan and to livestream our services when you’re out of town.

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