You’re Not Going to Believe This

One of the teams we sent out this summer headed to Uganda last week. Since arriving, much of their time has been invested in loving people in a huge Sudanese refugee camp. The team of 25 accompanies Sudanese believers and goes into the camp to pray, to love, to honor and to share the good news about Jesus. We don’t take food or money, just love. What happened yesterday was beyond anything we’d ever seen. Shawn, the team leader, told me this…

“The teams shared the gospel with 364 people, and most importantly witnessed 263 of those people put their trust in Christ! This is beyond crazy!!! I know in reading this you’re thinking this is impossible! The team discussed this in their debrief last night, and went through all the events, and seriously it did happen! All we can say is it was an incredible move of the Holy Spirit – there’s no other explanation. Remember on the day of Pentecost 3,000 people came to Christ, and the number today is not even close to that number.”

CrossBridgers, let’s keep praying for our teams and for the kingdom of God to advance. This is the work of the church. What’s more, we have three additional teams going to Uganda, Costa Rica, and Southeast Asia. God is just getting started!

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